Panasonic EW3122S Blood Pressure Monitor


Panasonic EW3122S Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

The Panasonic EW3122S Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor is easy to use, reliable and accurate. Simply wrap the cuff around your arm and with one touch of a button the monitor auto inflates for quick, easy measurements. The EW3122S features a two person Automatic Memory Feature so that two different people can use the machine and keep a record of their results. The automatic memory allows you to save 84 readings (42 readings for each of 2 persons) and track the readings over time.

The large LCD panel displays both blood pressure readings and pulse rate at the same time and the three-color confirming system shows your pressure in color-coded numbers that are clear and simple to read. When you have finished taking a reading the monitor turns off with one touch and the cuff rolls up to fit easily into the built-in cuff storage case. Four AA Alkaline batteries are included and an AC adaptor and large cuff are also available as optional extras.

The Digital Filter Technology (DFT) of the EW3122S uses a sensor to detect and isolate only the essential pulse oscillation, thereby eliminating extraneous noise and resulting in fast and accurate measurements. The monitor lights up if you move while a reading is being taken to alert you to the fact so that you can stop moving.

The monitor uses a three color light system to show whether your reading can be considered to fall within the hypertension, pre-hypertension or normal range. Red indicates hypertension (a systolic reading of over 140); yellow indicates pre-hypertension (a systolic reading of 130 to 139); and green indicates readings in the normal range (a systolic reading of under 129).

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Panasonic EW3122S Blood Pressure Monitor


Overall Rating:

A very good monitor which is both accurate and easy to use and which incorporates a number of very useful advanced features.


Actual Customer Feedback:

"The Panasonic EW3122S works great and has all the features I need. It is small and portable which I like and, overall, it seems to be a very good monitor."
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"This machine is superior to any home model I have ever seen, and also better than most doctors' offices with the 'old school' manual machines."
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"The Panasonic 3122S is very easy to set up and use. Its overall quality seems excellent, the readings are consistent with my usual range of results, including those at the doctor's office, and it has all the features I want."
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Our Research on the Panasonic EW3122S Suggests:

According to the general online consensus (where research is based on unbiased, non-vested comments & articles), the Panasonic EW3122S is a reliable, accurate and easy to use monitor with many of the advanced features which customers are now coming to expect from machines of this nature.


More than 95% of people had very positive comments on this monitor and any criticism was very minor in nature.

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Panasonic EW3122S Blood Pressure Monitor

Company Information:

Panasonic has been marketing in the United States for more than 50 years and its products range from well known items such as HD Plasma and LCD televisions and a range of other home appliances to healthcare products including a number of excellent blood pressure monitors. Panasonic Corporation of North America and its subsidiaries and affiliates employ about 12,000 people in the region.

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Product Specifications:
  • Blood pressure monitor saves a total of 84 readings.
  • Quickly and accurate one-touch blood pressure and pulse rate measurements.
  • Digital filter technology isolates only the essential pulse oscillation.
  • Color confirmation system shows if readings fall in hypertension, pre-hypertension, or normal range.
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Return Policy: 30 day money-back guarantee.