Panasonic EW3153W Blood Pressure Monitor


Panasonic EW3153W Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Wireless Display

The Panasonic EW3153W blood pressure monitor allows you to measure your blood pressure whenever and wherever you want to and is reliable, easy-to-use, and accurate.

You can measure your pressure using either arm and can place the wireless display wherever you like so that it is easy to read as the main unit and the display unit communicate with each other by infrared signals. The wireless display unit is also portable and you can easily take it to the doctors office when you need to so that your doctor can review the stored blood pressure data.

The EW3153W features one-touch operation and makes use of a 3-color lighting system to show whether your reading falls into the Hypertension, Pre-hypertension or Normal range.

Sensors are also utilized to pick up and isolate essential pulse oscillation using digital filter technology and to filter out other noise factors so that you get both fast and reliable readings.

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Panasonic EW3153W Blood Pressure Monitor


Overall Rating:

For anyone who finds it difficult to use a traditional cuff this is an excellent alternative.


Actual Customer Feedback:

"This product is very accurate and easy to use. Two nice features of the Panasonic EW3153W are wireless display remote and movable support for elbow during inflation and deflation without which you get hand movement which can skew the readings."
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"I found this to be what I was looking for. All I have to do is stick my arm in the sleeve and it does the rest. Easier than the others on the market. The price was also great and I am glad I bought it."
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"The Panasonic EW3153W is a bit bulky and not as easy for travel, but its convenience and accuracy make up for that. Before I got this unit taking my blood pressure could be a struggle that would raise my blood pressure! Now it is a piece of cake."
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Our Research on the Panasonic EW3153W Suggests:

According to the general online consensus (where research is based on unbiased, non-vested comments & articles), the Panasonic EW3153W provides an excellent alternative for those people who find using a traditional cuff difficult.


The vast majority of people commented very positively on this unit and any criticism encountered was minor.

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Panasonic EW3153W Blood Pressure Monitor

Company Information:

Panasonic has been marketing in the United States for more than 50 years and its products range from well known items such as HD Plasma and LCD televisions and a range of other home appliances to healthcare products including a number of excellent blood pressure monitors. Panasonic Corporation of North America and its subsidiaries and affiliates employ about 12,000 people in the region.

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Product Specifications:
  • The main unit and wireless display communicate using infrared signals
  • AM/PM average systolic comparison
  • Irregular pulse function
  • 3-color confirmation system
  • 7/8 inch LCD display
Price: RRP: $199.99 - Click here for current discount price
Return Policy: 30 day money-back guarantee.